[Grok-dev] Re: zope.sqlalchemy explodes because of new SQLAlchemy

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Jun 26 15:58:46 EDT 2008

Brandon Craig Rhodes wrote:
> In case this helps any of the rest of you, especially those who might be
> using megrok.rdb (which uses zope.sqlalchemy, right?): they seem to have
> released some SQLAlchemy eggs for the upcoming 0.5 beta, which when
> combined with zope.sqlalchemy break non-deterministicly.  One symptom is:
> ...
> AttributeError: 'Session' object has no attribute 'transactional'

This is fixed on the zope.sqlalchemy trunk; I fixed that. There just 
hasn't been a release of this yet. You can use it as a develop egg though.

> Another symptom is:
>   File "/home/brandon/IamAPI/test/eggs/SQLAlchemy-0.5.0beta1-py2.5.egg/sqlalchemy/orm/session.py", line 1392, in flush
>     self.extension.after_flush(self, flush_context)
>   File "/home/brandon/IamAPI/test/eggs/zope.sqlalchemy-0.1-py2.5.egg/zope/sqlalchemy/datamanager.py", line 187, in after_flush
>     invalidate(session)
>   File "/home/brandon/IamAPI/test/eggs/zope.sqlalchemy-0.1-py2.5.egg/zope/sqlalchemy/datamanager.py", line 170, in invalidate
>     assert _SESSION_STATE[id(session)] is not STATUS_READONLY
> KeyError: 3049156876L

This one isn't familiar to me. Might be fixed too, but I don't know.

Sounds like we should push out a new release of the zope.sqlalchemy trunk!



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