[Grok-dev] Looking for Google Summer of Code Mentors!

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Mon Mar 3 11:38:47 EST 2008

Hi there,

We are quickly approaching the Google of Summer of code again. The Zope 
Foundation's application needs to be in soon.

In order to do a good application, we need to have a good selection of 
mentors. So, if you're a Grok developer and you want to mentor a student 
this summer, please add yourself to the list here:


Don't wait: the Zope Foundation's application needs to be in *very* soon 
(by the 11th of march). The more mentors we have the better a chance we 
stand in getting projects accepted.

Being a mentor isn't difficult and it can be very rewarding. I was very 
happy to see our two Grok students (Uli and Luciano) so active in our 
community: they are great additions to our project. We do expect mentors 
to stay in regular touch with their students. This means email and 
normal involvement on project mailing lists, but also in addition to 
this a weekly hour or so on irc and/or voice. We also have a few simple 
reporting requirements so that your mentor coordinator (yours truly) 
knows what's up and can solve any potential problems.

Everybody (including mentors, students and others):

* suggest projects, also on the same wiki page

* suggest mentors. Tell people who you *want* to be mentors to sign up. 
Everybody likes to be told they can be mentors, so tell them in public 
and get them to sign up.


* Mark the sign-up period on your calendar: it starts march 24. If we 
get accepted, then is the time to sign up.



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