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Kevin Smith kevin at mcweekly.com
Tue Mar 4 18:06:51 EST 2008

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hey,
> On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 11:11 PM, Kevin Smith <kevin at mcweekly.com> wrote:
>>  I could be available for the Grok skinning security.
> Cool! Could you add your name to the wiki page?
Done, thanks.
>> It seems like one
>>  of the more straight forward projects. I've always thought it would be
>>  nice to have easy custom 40x/50x http errors that are obvious and easy
>>  to override from Grok.
> Custom error views are already possible, aren't they? 
Sorry, meant custom errors as a separate idea which may be better off as 
a a tutorial.
> Just in case I wasn't
> clear, I meant an out-of-the-box infrastructure so that only the views you want
> show up, not all the Zope 3 views. This might be less straightforward
> than it looks
> like perhaps: a view to get the absolute URL, which Zope 3 uses, needs to remain
> available, and so do widgets, but lots of the ZMI stuff shouldn't.
> Stephan Richter mentions
> he does such a lockdown with Zope 3 proper though so it ought to be possible.
Yes, there are a number of z3c packages that address this issue. Hadn't 
realized widgets would be affected, so yup, looks like a project :)

>>  The Grok TTW project seems a little wide open for a student to be
>>  productive? Have you seen the z3ext CMS (http://z3ext.net/)? It's a pure
>>  Zope3 CMS with limited TTW customization capabilities and member
>>  management.What do you think about porting it to Grok?
> Oh, it's a wide-open idea right now. The students will be submitting
> the real ideas, and we can work with them
> to refine them.
Ah, understood.

>  I haven't looked at the z3ext CMS yet. Porting it to
> Grok would be fine, but what would the original
> author say? :)
Hopefully GROK SMASH ZCML! It appears to be ZPL'd.
> Regards,
> Martijn
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