[Grok-dev] Re: towards a release

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Mar 7 11:17:47 EST 2008

Tim Terlegård wrote:
> I tried changing grok to be using KGS, but it failed, I think it was REST
> that wanted something in zope.publisher that was missing which exists
> only in the 3.5.0a1.dev version that grok uses. I don't know what we can
> do about that. I guess we can use KGS and override the version for just
> this egg.

Yeah, makes sense. Thanks for trying! I hope you can experiment some 
more and see whether you can get it to work.

We might go investigate at least releasing a more proper 3.5 release for 
zope.publisher - we should compare what's going on in various branches 
of that.

I think KGS also has its own package index that wouldn't have 3.5.0a1 in 
there, I think, but we don't have to use that one. We'll just the 
cheeseshop; anything in KGS is in the cheeseshop. The only thing of KGS 
we'd use is their list of versions. It would also be worthwhile to run 
the tests of all these eggs (including our changed zope.publisher). KGS 
also has a story for running tests, though I forget the details right now.



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