[Grok-dev] Re: towards a release

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Mar 7 11:49:01 EST 2008

Hey Justin,

Thanks for your comment on the documentation, I think that's a valuable 

We need to see how to organize the website to do this. I'm looking at 
Kevin Teague now for advice on whether plone help center would allow 
such a thing.

The way we could work is to have the documentation in the present 
location always reflect the most recent release.

Then, as we make a release, we copy all that documentation into its own 
section named after the release. The hardest part will be to fix up all 
the internally pointing URLs to be consistent...

This way, we could keep a record of the state of the documentation at 
release. We need to couple this with clear guidelines concerning the 
main flow of documentation: it should only contain documents relevant to 
the most recent release, and not anything that won't work anymore or not 

There is a need to develop documentation ahead of time for a new 
release. This could be done in SVN trunk, or in some special area on the 
website. Upon release, *before* we shift the documentation off into its 
own section, we should integrate all this into the main section.

There is enough to watch and work out here to need someone who shepherds 
this process. Without a plausible volunteer I don't think we have enough 
resources to afford this right now. Instead we should then just focus on 
maintaining the current set of documentation to be up to date.



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