[Grok-dev] a PyCon sprint for Grok?

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Tue Mar 11 17:36:17 EDT 2008

I apologize for how late I am asking this question, but I've been busy
writing presentations and such. :-)

Where should we fit Grok into the PyCon constellation of sprints next
week?  "Grok" appears nowhere on the Sprint page:


I would love to lead a sprint based on my PyCon presentation, which
will be on Saturday, and will be about how cool the Zope object
framework is, and how easy Grok makes it to create and use adapters.
It is annoying that I'll have to say:

  - "Adapters are neat!"
  - "An adapter framework is even better!"
  - "Zope gives you one!"
  - "Grok makes it easy to use!"
  - "And, oh, yeah, you can only grok things if you're willing to wait
     for this big web framework to "import", which will make your shell
     script that uses adapters take several seconds.  Oh, well."

I'd love to be able to finish my presentation, instead, with:

  - "And if you want to use Grok adapter coolness outside of the web
     framework, then come to my sprint and we'll finish up grokcore
     (is that what it was going to be called?) that splits the
     cool-grokking-abilities of Grok from the expense of importing all
     the machinery behind Views and XML and everything else."

Or something like that.  Two other possible alternate topics, if
splitting out grokcore is too big a job for sprinters, or if PvW still
wants to implement that on his own instead of having some sprinters
foul it up, are:

  - Looking at ways that zope.interface and zope.component could be
    made to import and run faster.  I've noticed that my commands that
    use them take several tenths of a second just to start up, and it
    would be neat to make them leaner so that everyone could use them
    at much less cost.

  - Doing the design and a first implementation of that neat adapt()
    method that I proposed, and got grudgingly accepted by Jim Fulton,
    late last year on the Zope mailing list.  That could be a really
    cool topic for a sprint, since people wouldn't have to know much
    about Zope, since it would basically just be repackaging existing
    functionality in a much improved interface.

It would be neat if, on the sprint page, Grok's name appeared
alongside things like Django and Turbogears as a framework that's
serious enough to deserve its own sprint.

On the other hand, the PyCon web site indicates they really wanted the
sprints defined by the start of registration - more than a month ago,
in other words! - so maybe they wouldn't appreciate a late addition?

In which case, if we Grok fans wanted to join an existing sprint, what
would we join?  I note that Tres and Chris are running a WSGI-fication
sprint for web frameworks; are there any aspects of Grok WSGI-fication
that are left to be completed?

*Any* guidance you guys can offer me at this point is appreciated!
This will be my first PyCon and it would be neat if it could benefit

Brandon Craig Rhodes   brandon at rhodesmill.org   http://rhodesmill.org/brandon

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