[Grok-dev] a PyCon sprint for Grok?

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Thu Mar 13 00:48:22 EDT 2008

--On 13. März 2008 04:47:02 +0100 Christian Theune <ct at gocept.com> wrote:

>> In which case, if we Grok fans wanted to join an existing sprint, what
>> would we join?  I note that Tres and Chris are running a WSGI-fication
>> sprint for web frameworks; are there any aspects of Grok WSGI-fication
>> that are left to be completed?
>> *Any* guidance you guys can offer me at this point is appreciated!
>> This will be my first PyCon and it would be neat if it could benefit
>> Grok.
> I'll be around hacking on whatever Zope-related topic is there, maybe
> fixing bugs. I'll be happy to help with grok too, of course. Come and
> talk to me, I'll arrive Thursday at around noon at the hotel.

Although I am not a Grok guru, I'll be around as well...possibly working 
some Zope  stuff for the next Zope 2 release...arriving Thu afternoon.

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