[Grok-dev] STORM howto

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Thu Mar 13 13:14:55 EDT 2008


I could easily follow you howto to get storm working. I have two  

-Performance of inserts are slow

I am storing an object that I previously stored in Zodb and I get a  
transaction throughput that is 20 times slower using Sqlite3 than when  
I stored it in the Zodb. Is this expected?

-Regarding the installation instructions. Doesn't one have to change  
directory to stormcontainer prior to calling setup.py:

   After checkout we have to install the package stormcontainer to our
   python's site-packages directory. This works with the command:

   python2.4 setup.py develop

Also, maybe one should note that in a virtualenv setup one uses the  
python2.4 executable that is located in the virtualenv /bin directory.

Mvh Sebastian

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