[Grok-dev] Re: STORM howto

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Fri Mar 14 04:15:15 EDT 2008

Hi Sebastian,

first many thanks for giving feedback.

> Christian!
> I could easily follow you howto to get storm working. I have two questions:
> -Performance of inserts are slow
> I am storing an object that I previously stored in Zodb and I get a 
> transaction throughput that is 20 times slower using Sqlite3 than when I 
> stored it in the Zodb. Is this expected?

I don´t have done any performance tests so far.

> -Regarding the installation instructions. Doesn't one have to change 
> directory to stormcontainer prior to calling setup.py:
>   After checkout we have to install the package stormcontainer to our
>   python's site-packages directory. This works with the command:
>   python2.4 setup.py develop
> Also, maybe one should note that in a virtualenv setup one uses the 
> python2.4 executable that is located in the virtualenv /bin directory.

I ´ve released a package on pypi but i called it nva.stormcontainer.
As i don´t have commit access for svn.zope.org i released it under the 
nva namespace instead of a z3c namespace.

So it should be possible to include it in your setup.py run buildout and
you should have it...

> Mvh Sebastian

if you have further questions please ask. or ping me on irc --> goschtl


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