[Grok-dev] Re: easy_install -U grokproject gets me 0.7dev

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Sun Mar 16 17:07:55 EDT 2008

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Today I tried to make sure I had the latest grokproject. Unfortunately 
> easy_install -U grokproject gets me 0.7dev, which was never released, 
> possibly because it pulls it directly from SVN trunk?
> Does this mean that when people install grokproject they get grokproject 
> 0.7 immediately, including the z3c.autoinclude integration? That's not 
> exactly the way we want to do releases, and I'm not even sure that'll 
> work with Grok 0.11.x!
> What can be done about this? Remove the grokproject SVN URL?

The grokproject SVN URL clearly states the fact that this will yield a 
development version, using the "#egg=grokproject-dev" URL marker. 
easy_install will not take such a dev egg unless explicitly told so. In 
fact, when I easy_install -U grokproject on my machine, I don't get 0.7dev.

Here's what I *think* *might* have happened: Let's say you have a trunk 
checkout of grokproject and let's say the checkout directory is 
$DIR/grokproject. Your current working dir happens to be $DIR. When you 
now do easy_install grokproject (with or without -U), easy_install will 
actually see the ./grokproject checkout. Judging by the setup.py inside 
it, it'll think it's an egg and install it (as in setup.py develop). 
Since it's a grokproject trunk checkout, you end up with a 0.7dev egg of 

This happened to me a couple of times, until I figured out why it would 
install an unreleased version of something. So be careful where you 
execute easy_install...

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