[Grok-dev] @grok.action doesn't play well with jQuery

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Mar 18 09:16:53 EDT 2008

While implementing a javascript table editor with jQuery I came across  
the following problem.


renders html like this (using the action.render() method)

   <input type="submit" id="form.actions.save"  
name="form.actions.save" value="Save" class="button" />

but I can't bind jQuery events to an [id] with dots as in  
[id="form.actions.save"] (it won't find the element). It works if I  
exchange the dots with for example underscores  
[id="form_actions_save"] giving the following html

   <input type="submit" id="form_actions_save"  
name="form.actions.save" value="Save" class="button" />

I am not sure why this doesn't play well with jQuery, it might be  
their concept of event namespaces that also affects how they handle id.

Anyway, I really like jQuery because it has a very "grokkish" approach  
to javascript (write less, do more...) so I think it would be a great  
idea to change the way grok.action generates ids.

Mvh Sebastian

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