[Grok-dev] "Zope3 on Rails"

Brandon Craig Rhodes brandon at rhodesmill.org
Tue Mar 18 15:22:40 EDT 2008

"Peter Bengtsson" <peter at fry-it.com> writes:

> What do people think about this tagline?

I have been using that tag line for a while at Georgia Tech, with
other developers, and it worked pretty well, so I've also been using
it here at PyCon.  They seemed to understand, "Grok brings Rails-like
'convention over configuration' practices to Zope 3, so that the
templates and views atop your data get hooked up automatically".

But there's another very crucial aspect to advertise, I've found over
the last few days, especially when talking to people who've used Zope
a bit: "Grok starts you off immediately with a working web app, so
that you can then start programming from there."  I've met several
people who had looked at Zope 3 stuff, even read through PvW's book,
and still had no idea how to get all those dozens of Zope pieces
together in such a way that they'd form a web application.  They need
to be told that Grok starts with everything working, so that they can
then make small steps from there, instead of making them assemble a
working stack of components for weeks without having anything to show
for it.

Which makes it kind of like Rails, it suddenly occurs to me. :-)

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