[Grok-dev] Re: making releases to PyPI

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Mar 18 17:32:06 EDT 2008

Brandon Craig Rhodes wrote:
> I note that my fellow sprinters need a new version of "martian"
> released to PyPI, while I, meanwhile, will soon need to release the
> first version of "grokcore.component", and I'd also like to think
> about finishing and releasing "megrok.trails" before the end of the
> sprint.

> So the question of release procedures came immediately to mind. :-)
> Who are our package releasers, and on what schedule can we have them
> make releases to PyPI for us?

For grokcore.component, you could release it yourself (or Robert 
should), and include myself, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman and Philipp at least as 
well. We can then expand the group later when needed.

Concerning megrok.trails, that's entirely up to you.

For martian, what's the plan? I can add the appropriate sprinters to the 
  PyPI package release list. I could also do it myself, if you tell me 
what the plan is.

For all releases, do please follow this guide:


We should probably form some kind of more official release management 
group eventually.



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