[Grok-dev] Re: Salt & z3c.autoinclude

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Mar 21 11:28:13 EDT 2008

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> What I don't quite understand is how the ZCML <autoinclude package="." 
> /> understands that it should go and get the things where target is 
> 'plone' and not get all packages. I think it is easier conceptually to say:
>   <autoinclude platform="plone" />

autoinclude is not the directive you should be looking at. That's to 
automatically include all ZCML for dependencies mentioned in a setup.py.

You should look at <includePlugins>. It *should* get the 'package' 
argument, as it will include all plugins registered for that package. No 
need to come up with other namespaced identifiers for packages that have 
plugins when their package name is already a namespaced identifier. You 
can expect people who write setup.py files to know about package names, 
and also be aware of Plone's package name, after all.

> Also, how do we handle meta.zcml? Do we need an autoinclude directive in 
> a package's own meta.zcml or can we get away with an ordering where all 
> meta.zcml files are done first (in which case we have to rely on the 
> name) and all others are done last.

includePlugins should work like autoinclude here, in that it loads any 
meta.zcml (if available) of plugins first, and then proceeds loading up 
the configure.zcml files.



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