[Grok-dev] Re: Salt & z3c.autoinclude

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sat Mar 22 11:09:50 EDT 2008

Ethan Jucovy wrote:

> If I end up having a second zope platform which wants to use it (which 
> currently looks unlikely, and which I can't really imagine ever needing 
> anyway) I would need to be able to register the package as a plugin for 
> multiple platforms, each with a different starting point for its ZCML.

Actually, I think this is kind of important. What if I write a package 
that can work both with Grok and Plone?

> [z3c.autoinclude.plugin]
> target[base1.zcml] = base.package
> target2[base2.zcml] = another.package
> (Neither of these extensions -- multiple base platforms or arbitrary 
> zcml -- is currently implemented, and since I don't need either I don't 
> have any reason to push for this; I'm just musing at this point.)

I think supporting multiple platforms would be useful. However, we'd 
then also (as you allude to above) need to support different .zcml files 
for different platforms. I can certainly see situations where you have 
an auto-includable package that works with Plone and Grok, but where the 
configuration is slightly different for each.

Then again, this may be YAGNI. It seems that we shouldn't restrict the 
format so that it becomes impossible to support this, though. :-/


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