[Grok-dev] Trying to wrap my head around GROK

want_to_grok_grok s.jolicoeur at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 00:13:13 EDT 2008


I am trying to figure out how GROK works and how it can fit in my
toolbox of webframeworks. Now I followed the tutorial and it was all
good and dandy, well almost I hit two walls  : the automated forms for
the  models ( how can I add css or other decorations to them ? and is
it possible to have them partially rendered inside another view or am
I stuck in doing some javascript iframes ? ) and then it was when I
wanted to complexify the urls as to not have them  start from the app
such as "/app/<entry name>" but as  "/app/contacts/<entry name >". Now
I've found information on Traverse, but I don't seem to be able to get
it to work. Can I create a container that will be inside the main
application container ?  I tried the tutorial at :
but for some reason I get traversal errors and no means to get to the
root app : "- __traceback_info__: (<natural.app.Index object at
0x37a5370>, 'badnum', [])
TraversalError: (<natural.app.Index object at 0x37a5370>, 'badnum') "

Is there a simple way to define URLs ? (I am thinking Django url.py or
Pylons routes)
are there other tutorials like of how to make a blog or something with
deep urls ?
also how does one have grok answer to / and not /app ?

Thank in advance for any help,


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