[Grok-dev] [Grok website] Proposal for an improved site navigation

Kamon Ayeva kamon.ayeva at gmail.com
Thu May 1 09:59:59 EDT 2008

Hello all,

At the Grokkerdam sprint, Fred and I have looked at the current site
structure to see how it could be improved and incorporate the new Reference
generated from the Grok subversion tree (thanks to the work done by Uli).

To start, we are proposing the following navigation:

1) Get Grok(ked)  [or Get Started]

• Installation
• "Beginner" Tutorial (this is a direct link to the Tutorial in the
"Reference Manual")
• Releases
• Download or get Grok from svn
• Grok extensions

This is a new section we propose to add, and which should come first, to get
people started with Grok.

2) About Grok

• Why Grok ?
• Features
• Component Architecture
• Projects using Grok
• Who is Grok ?

This is already existing. We just need to improve its content a bit, and
maybe add the "Projects using Grok" page.

3) Documentation

• "Beginner" Tutorial (this is a direct link to the Tutorial in the
"Reference Manual")
• Refence Manual (this links to HTML generated using Sphinx on the server)
• Howtos (PHC)
• Tutorials (PHC)

This is a reorganization of the current documentation section to include a
link to the Reference (static html structure) that is going to be generated
from Subversion,
as well as user-contributed howtos and tutorials. (Also see the other mail
from Fred regarding the reference documentation workflow.)
We also think that the overview menu generated from the PHC - when you are
in the current PHC - should be removed from the left column because it is
very long and confusing.

3) Community

• Grok Mailing Lists & Forums
• IRC Channel / IRC Channel Log
• Grok Wiki
• Issue tracker

We would keep this existing part unchanged.

These changes could be done step by step with some planning and after
checking they do not conflict with other changes/plans.
So your comments are welcome.

-- Fred & Kamon
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