[Grok-dev] [Grok website] Proposal for an improved site navigation

Kevin Teague kevin at bud.ca
Thu May 1 21:40:27 EDT 2008

> 1) Get Grok(ked)  [or Get Started]
> • Installation
> • "Beginner" Tutorial (this is a direct link to the Tutorial in the  
> "Reference Manual")
> • Releases
> • Download or get Grok from svn
> • Grok extensions

Note that "Installation" and "Download" have quite a bit of overlap  
between them. Anytime I approach a project I am unfamiliar with, I  
look for "download" first - I would guess the trend is for most people  
to look for a "download" link first? From the download page one gets  
presented with the necessary install instructions (since you don't  
actually want to download Grok, but instead run grokproject and let  
buildout do the downloading ...).

> 3) Documentation
> • "Beginner" Tutorial (this is a direct link to the Tutorial in the  
> "Reference Manual")
> • Refence Manual (this links to HTML generated using Sphinx on the  
> server)
> • Howtos (PHC)
> • Tutorials (PHC)
> This is a reorganization of the current documentation section to  
> include a link to the Reference (static html structure) that is  
> going to be generated from Subversion,
> as well as user-contributed howtos and tutorials. (Also see the  
> other mail from Fred regarding the reference documentation workflow.)
> We also think that the overview menu generated from the PHC - when  
> you are in the current PHC - should be removed from the left column  
> because it is very long and confusing.

Hosting the offical grok docs (reference, tutorial, notes) as static  
sphinx docs is easy enough. The PHC overview menu will need to be  
adjusted to accomodate it - if you have a working buildout of the grok  
web site for developing on, you can modify the gzo.plonesmashtheme  
package (http://svn.zope.org/gzo.plonesmashtheme/)

gzo/plonesmashtheme/portlets/grokdoc.py and phc_grok.pt make up the  
Documentation portlet that gets presented on the web site. You can  
modify the existing 'phc_grok.pt' template to suit the new/improved  
navigation (feel free to just rip out the topic-based listing stuff if  
it's undesirable). We can't use the same Navigation portlet as the  
rest of the site, since that Portlet just displays content as it's  
structured within Plone. But if you put mirror the top level  
navigation elements statically in the documentation-navigation portlet  
that should be fine, it's not like we are changing the top-level  
navigation very often.

You can also modify gzo/plonesmashtheme/browser/dochome.pt which is  
the documentation home page template to reflect the new documentation  

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