[Grok-dev] sprint mini-report 3

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Sat May 3 19:01:36 EDT 2008

Hi there,

Another mini-report:

* a lot of progress was made on the new directive implementation in 
Martian. grokcore.component (on a branch) has been completely converted 
to the improved directive implementation, and grok (also on a branch) 
has been converted quite far as well. There are more ideas floating 
around that should help the introspector.

* a lot of progress was also made on megrok.rdb, the relational database 
work. Much of the ideas we discussed in day 2 of the sprint now work, at 
least in very rough form.

* some changes in grokcore.component and grok to make it easier to 
create new kinds of models.You can now define an IContext interface on 
some class to make it a model (so grok.context auto-associates). This 
resulted in a release of grokcore.component. You can also define 
grok.interfaces.IContainer to make it a container. The traversing 
behavior and default view ('index') will be as for Grok automatically. 
This is a change in Grok trunk.

* a potential bug was discovered in zope.interface as a result of the 
above work; we're at least really confused by this behavior: 

* experiments and discussions around automatic CRUD user interfaces.

* experiments with a declarative way to set cache headers on a view

* a lot of work on making grokproject easier to use and making downloads 
more reliable

* added tests and improvements to five.grok

Less Grok related, but done at the sprint:

* the start of zope.testrunner refactorings

* various ZODB fixes and backports



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