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Jan Ulrich Hasecke juhasecke at googlemail.com
Wed May 7 08:46:59 EDT 2008

Am 07.05.2008 um 12:46 schrieb Martijn Faassen:

> I'm having trouble understanding what the words "user" and  
> "developer" mean in this context.

I hope that we start to better address these two groups: Developers  
of Zope and Users using Zope to build whatever (be it with a deadline  
or not). Or at least better address the last group.

My impression of the Zope Community is, that it tends to attract  
merely "developers". If you are a simple "user" you are completely  
lost, even if you read Philipps book. You don't get the impression.  
Oh, I'll get it sooner or later. You breathlessly look at it and get  

And then there are people, which bore into Zope and start to improve  
it. Sooner or later you are a developer of Zope or you abandoned it  
at all.

Reading the Grok tutorial you get another impression. It looks like  
you can cope with Grok, but still the tutorial and the website does  
not give the impression of Grok being a tool which solves most of my  
ususal problems.

The problem with documentation and marketing is that it does not pay  
for oneself. If you develop a new library you might use it for your  
customer, who will pay you. If you do documentation or marketing  
noone will ever pay you. But the amount of work is huge. I would  
plead for a fund for marketing and documentation.


DZUG e.V. (Deutschsprachige Zope User Group)

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