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Am 07.05.2008 um 15:19 schrieb Martijn Faassen:

> My worry is that if you set up a fund to do marketing and  
> documentation  you separate it from the community too much, and  
> take away from the community the responsibility of having to care  
> about these topics. I'm convinced that we, as developers of the  
> platform, need to care about attracting people to our platform  
> (where we can call these people "users" or "developers").

In fact there is an other problem with a fund. We had a fund in the  
DZUG to improve the documentation on zope.de, but we never found  
someone, who wanted to do it. ;-)

So a too general fund might not work at all.

A better approach is to raise a fund for a special project, which  
only can be done with a certain amount of work, which exceeds the  
usual voluntary work. We do this sometimes for a publication that is  
distributed on fairs like CeBIT or Systems.
We write and publish paid articles with case studies to get the whole  
publication paid.

An other example is a white paper about Plone, which I made as a spin- 
off product after I wrote some articles for it-magazines about Plone.  
One was even paid. ;-)
This feature overview was downloaded more than 1500 times in three  
months. This is pure marketing not documentation. Every time someone  
asks -- e.g. in xing.com -- for a cms recommendation, I can now point  
him to this white paper.

Currently I am planning a white paper about zope to have all the  
things that make Zope unique in one place. I calculate an amount of  
40 hours to get it done. I really love to promote Zope, Plone and  
Grok on a voluntary basis and I do it a lot. But not being a  
programmer I will never benefit from this white paper so I am looking  
for sponsors.

> Writing documentation also helps you think about how things can be  
> done better. If something is hard to explain, it may be a what  
> we're trying to explain is too inconsistent or complicated. If it's  
> hard to convince people to use our stuff, that means we might need  
> improve our stuff, too! Having a separate group of people do this  
> may lead to a disconnect that shouldn't be there.

This is a good point. Perhaps we lack documentation because Zope is  
too hard to explain. ;-)

No serious. I hope that you understand that I do not want to separate  
the documentation and marketing efforts from the community. That  
would be bad. All efforts paid or voluntary should be rooted in the  

Viele Grüße

DZUG e.V. (Deutschsprachige Zope User Group)

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