[Grok-dev] Re: grokcore.component into plone

Godefroid Chapelle gotcha at bubblenet.be
Fri May 16 06:30:45 EDT 2008

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Lennart Regebro wrote:
>> On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 12:45 PM, Martin Aspeli <optilude at gmx.net> wrote:
>>> Is there a roadmap or statement of scope somewhere?
>> No, that would indeed be a good idea.
> I think the statement of scope and goals should be something like:
> """
> five.grok aims to make Grok's base classes and directives available to 
> Zope 2, so that they can work with Zope 2 classes as well. five.grok is 
> not going to extend the API of Grok or introduce new base classes or 
> directives; this is the task of other packages: five.grok wants to 
> remain compatible with Grok as much as possible, and not do more. An 
> underlying aim to accomplish this is to share as much code as is 
> possible with Grok itself.
> """
> The roadmap would involve making whatever Grok has work in Zope 2. The 
> hardest bits should go last (XMLRPC, REST, say).
> Regards,
> Martijn

The first steps I see as needed would lead to factor out of grok code 
that would land in


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