[Grok-dev] needed for 0.13: Windows eggs

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri May 16 12:04:06 EDT 2008

Hi there,

With Grok 0.13, we've upgraded to the versions list from KGS. On 
Windows, we have a policy that binary eggs should exist for all packages 
that have C code in them, as we can't expect a compiler to be present on 

We need a volunteer to:

* go through our Grok 0.13 egg list (in trunk), make a list of 
needed-binary eggs. Perhaps the easiest way is to go through 0.12's egg 
list and check which windows eggs are on PyPI now, or by doing an 
install of that on Windows and look at your eggs directory for binary 
windows eggs that it will have got.

* then go through PyPI to see whether binary versions of the eggs 
already exist for our 0.13 versions.

* make a list for those eggs that are missing. I or the volunteer can 
then send this list to Jim Fulton, requesting him to bake these eggs on 
Windows. Note we can only do this once we have a clear, complete list, 
with versions specified. Jim doesn't want to do all the research above 

* Jim will then hopefully compile-bake the eggs on Windows and upload 
them to PyPI.

* do a buildout on Windows for the Grok trunk, and see whether the tests 
run, Grok starts, etc.

Note that it's fine if this is not just one volunteer but multiple. We 
can't release Grok 0.13 before we have the Windows support verified.



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