[Grok-dev] Re: SQLAlchemy integration

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Tue May 20 03:34:59 EDT 2008

Santiago Videla wrote:

>     Bear in mind that collective.lead itself will be using
>     zope.sqlalchemy for transaction integration, and focus on providing
>     a pattern for registering and accessing database utilities. If Grok
>     needs/wants such a pattern, collective.lead should continue to be a
>     viable solution. If it wants/needs its own way of looking up and
>     managing database connections, then obviously not.
> I'm not sure to understand Martin.
> I thought that zope.sqlalchemy was born to unify all the developments on 
> sqlalchemy integration (collective.lead included). am I right?

Yes, you're right.

But zope.sqlalchemy doesn't do everything that collective.lead does (and 
ditto for some of the other packages). As far as I understand, 
zope.sqlalchemy is about moving the shared core of the various 
integration packages to a common package. The configuration semantics of 
collective.lead remain where they are, but collective.lead no longer 
does its own transaction integration.


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