[Grok-dev] documention went from topics to documentation types

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue May 20 14:04:31 EDT 2008

Hi there,

I just noticed that this page:


went from topic-based to documentation-type based. I can now easily find 
all how-tos or all tutorials or all error references. What's the 
thinking behind this? Is this really as useful as being able to find all 
  items on a particular topic?

Besides this, it's also a bit ugly right now as there's nothing 
published in the API references section, and the real important 
documentation such as the main tutorial and the developer's notes need 
scrolling to the bottom.

Of course I can still access the topics in the sidebar, but we could 
consider reversing this. Make the main page be topic based lookup, and 
the sidebar have the kinds of documentation artifacts.

Anyway, the last I want is interfere with the documentation process too 
much, just wanted to give my feedback as one user.



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