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Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Mon May 26 07:08:07 EDT 2008

Hi there,

my excuses in advance, if the following should be off-topic.

You all might have heard of the sad news about Joachim Schmitz. 

One of his most important projects were the implementation and
maintencance of the West African e-University Portal (WAeUP,
http://www.waeup.org), which is already in use at the University of
Benin, Benin City, Nigeria (https://uniben.waeup.org/srp_anonymous_view)
and serves currently about 80,0000 users who manage their courses and
university fees with it.

The portal is currently running as a CPS site (some might remember this
CMF based product of Nuxeo), but during the last months of his life
Joachim worked on a Grok implementation, he estimated to finish in about
three months.

The remaining maintainers of the portal, Henrik Bettermann
(administrative things) and me (system administration), are now planning
to finish the work, Joachim had no chance to do and we'd like to do this
in his spirit.

Therefore we are planning a workshop at Henriks place in northern
Germany, which will take place June, 27th to July, 1st. The workshop
will be devided into two sections: 

 (1) an introduction into Zope 3 and Grok for beginners in that area 
     (2.5 days)

 (2) a collective review of Joachims code with planning of the new 
     software design based on Grok and the experiences we made so 
     far with the portal (2.5 days).

The code will be OpenSource licensed (GPL).

Well known core developer Jens Vagelpohl will join us on the last day.
There will be enough space for doing some computer-less activitities
like cycling in the nice landscape or resting/bathing at the river Elbe.

There is a (limited) number of sleeping rooms available and we will cook
on our own.

Every person that is a bit comfortable with Grok (or wants to become so)
is invited and welcome to join us there, even for only a day or two. In
case you want to do so, please send a message to Henrik (henrik at
scientific-african.org) or me so that we can organize things.

Thanks for your attention and kind regards,


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