[Grok-dev] Simplifying the documentation page

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Thu May 29 09:23:54 EDT 2008

I don't mind there being plenty of things on the page.
What I do mind strongly is the excess that just adds noise.
For example:

   The Grok Developer's Notes
   Learn more about the framework internals and APIs with the _Grok
Developer's Notes_.

Could be replaced by:

   _The Grok Developer's Notes_

Or another alternative, replace:

    The Grok Tutorial
    Brand new to Grok? The Grok Tutorial is place to start learning about Grok.

With this::

    _The Grok Tutorial_   - the place to start learning how to Grok

Basically, all the excessive headlines don't add any value. Like, do
you really need to add an explanation after the big headline "Search
the documenation"??
In fact, just a long input box followed by a button that says "Search
the documenation" would be equally, if not better, user friendly and
just much much less noise.

2008/5/29 Sebastian Ware <sebastian at urbantalk.se>:
> I find the documentation page a bit difficult to grasp. Lot's of subheaders
> that "hide" the content, I would suggest turning some of them into bullets
> and removing the searchform (it is after all not much more than a duplicate
> of the main search form):
> ** Documentation for Grok **
>  - The Grok Tutorial
>  - Grok Developer's Notes
> *  Browse Documentation By Topic *
>   [The topics here...]
>  Feed for all documentation
> * Contribute to the Documentation *
> Found something that's not documented? Learn how you can contribute to the
> Grok Documentation project .
> Mvh Sebastian
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