[Grok-dev] Re: About "Placing your Grok project under version control"

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu May 29 12:15:54 EDT 2008

Luciano Ramalho wrote:
> First I want to congratulate everyone who has contributed to the Grok
> docs, we've made amazing progress in the past few months.
> I was reading the document "Placing your Grok project under version
> control" and it provides two alternatives for managing the
> bootstrap.py script (installing in your development system or checking
> it in with your project). But using svn:externals is not mentioned.
> I'm wondering whether that is an omission or for some reason it's no
> longer a recommended practice. Perhaps it was omitted because it's
> subversion-specific?
> If it is an omission, I can add the third option to the text.

There are a number of extra drawbacks besides the SVN dependency:

* it's in a subdirectory. I've seen people be tempted to try: "cd 
bootstrap" to run the script, meaning it'll set up a buildout 
environment in the bootstrap subdirectory.

* these externals typically depend on the buildout trunk. It's possible 
that the buildout trunk introduces incompatible changes to bootstrap.py, 
causing possible breakage. This is something to be avoided

* it's simply different from placing 'bootstrap.py' in the buildout 
directory itself, meaning that people can encounter two varieties when 
they try out things (the buildout/bootstrap.py and the 
buildout/bootstrap/bootstrap.py variety)

All these are not terribly bad, but it makes me lean in the direction 
putting in bootstrap.py in the buildout dir itself.

Note that the new grokproject will do this by default, if I understand 
things correctly. Another argument not to mention more options.



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