[Grok-dev] Re: Upgrade problem "type object 'IRole' has no attribute '__iro__'"

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri May 30 06:54:58 EDT 2008

I am sorry. The error was so unspecific that I wanted to research it  
some more but had to leave for a meeting, just wanted to let you know  
that I was making progress.

I think I know how my unspecific problem might av arisen, it is  
unrelated to the zope.app.securitypolicy/IRole problem. I will look  
further into this.

Mvh Sebastian

30 maj 2008 kl. 09.47 skrev Philipp von Weitershausen:

> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> Added
>>  zope.app.session
>> to
>>  install_requires
>> more success,
> Did installing zope.app.securitypolicy help with the IRole problem?
>> but now it looks as though the grok.container is having problems.
> What kind of problems? C'mon, please be more specific, otherwise we  
> won't be able to help you...

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