[Grok-dev] grok_overview.html: issue with adapters

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Tue Nov 4 09:40:18 EST 2008

Actually, you will find that the example code is correct. The code  
above what you quoted says:

   def sized(context):
     if isinstance(context, Document):
         return DocumentedSized(context)
     elif isinstance(context, Image):
         return ImageSized(context)
     elif isinstance(context, Container):
         return ContainerSized(context)
so calling:

   s = sized(my_content_object)

will return an adapter* (DocumentSized, etc...) that provides the  
method size().

*adapter being a special "coder view" of an object allowing access to  
object specific methods that are only available when you are accessing  
the object through the adapter. In this case the adapter provides the  
method size().

Mvh Sebastian

4 nov 2008 kl. 15.08 skrev Roger Erens:

> In the code example following
> 'We can now call sized for a content object and get an object back  
> that
> implements the “sized API”:'
> we have currently:
> s = sized(my_content_object)
> print s.size()
> but size() is not defined in the code above. It seems to me that  
> either
> the second line should read:
> print s.sized()
> But it looks silly to me to use 'sized' twice. So, in the code  
> fragment
> above, the method definitions in the three classes would better be
> refactored from sized(self) to size(self)?
> Cheers,
> Roger
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