[Grok-dev] Problem with z3c.autoinclude of eggs in the Products namespace

Vincent Fretin vincent.fretin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 07:29:58 EST 2008


I have two eggs myproject.policy and Products.myproject.
I use z3c.autoinclude in my plone buildout like this:

versions = versions
eggs = [...]
develop =

z3c.autoinclude == 0.2.2

zcml =

If I put Products.myproject in eggs section. All works fine.
But I don't want to put it in the buildout, but in setup.py of myproject.policy.

In src/myproject.policy/myproject/policy/configure.zcml, I put:
<includeDependencies package="." />

I want myproject.policy to depend of Products.myproject,
so I put in install_requires=['Products.myproject'] in

I start the zope instance.
The product myproject is shown and installable in Plone control panel.
But doesn't appear in ZMI Control_Panel/Products,
the result is that factories for the various types in myproject
product are not created.

I think z3c.autoinclude blocks the normal Five machinery to take place.
Any idea of the problem?
Maybe you can just deactivate autoinclusion of eggs in the Products
namespace in the next version?

Vincent Fretin

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