[Grok-dev] problem with zope.app.testing during installation Grok on Windows XP

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Fri Nov 14 10:53:40 EST 2008

on 12-11-2008 23:54 Roger Erens wrote:
> I'm trying to install Grok on a freshly installed Windows XP Home 
> system. When running the grokproject command, I get an error with 
> zope.app.testing. Two others have reported this error to me as well.
> Any advice?
> IGetting distribution for 'zope.app.testing==3.4.3'.

On #grok, d2m made the suggestion of

easy_install zope.app.testing==3.4.3

That finally halted with an error complaining about Visual Studio 7.1 
not being present. Typing again

grokproject Sample

lead to a similar error for zope.app.file. Again using easy_install:

easy_install zope.app.file==3.4.4

and after the VS7.1 error

grokproject Sample

finally lead to a situation where

zopectl fg

could run.

So with some jumping through hoops, Grok 0.14 is running on MS Windows.

Thanks, d2m!

Should I file a bug report somewhere, since it is a reproducable error 
for those two packages?



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