[Grok-dev] problem with zope.app.testing during installation Grok on Windows XP

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Fri Nov 14 13:51:28 EST 2008

on 14-11-2008 17:13 Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> Roger Erens wrote:
>> on 12-11-2008 23:54 Roger Erens wrote:
>>> I'm trying to install Grok on a freshly installed Windows XP Home 
>>> system. When running the grokproject command, I get an error with 
>>> zope.app.testing. Two others have reported this error to me as well.
>>> Any advice?
>>> IGetting distribution for 'zope.app.testing==3.4.3'.
>> On #grok, d2m made the suggestion of
>> easy_install zope.app.testing==3.4.3
>> easy_install zope.app.file==3.4.4
>> Should I file a bug report somewhere, since it is a reproducable error 
>> for those two packages?
> This is a bit misleading, the errors occured when installing the
> packages outside of grokproject, that is easy_install would just install
> the newest dependency files available.

Sorry, I can't follow you. What do you mean with 'outside of 
grokproject'? And, you _are_ talking about the errors resulting from the 
grokproject command, and not the missing Visual Studio errors, right?
And easy_install should follow the versions as given in versions.cfg, 
which are not necessarily the newest versions?

> The real problem was that zope.app.testing could not be extracted from
> the tarball. See your last posting...
>      ...
>      self._read(readsize)
>    File "c:\python25\Lib\gzip.py", line 279, in _read
>      uncompress = self.decompress.decompress(buf)
> zlib.error: Error -3 while decompressing: invalid literal/lengths set
> An error occured when trying to install zope.app.testing 3.4.3.

So, that makes it a bug? An error when the tarball was created; two MS 
Windows processes accessing the temporary tarbal at the same time?

I just want to help making installation on MS Windows more smoothly, so 
if you know who I should bugger with this issue... :-)

> Hth,
> Michael
Thanks for your time. BTW, is your nick name d2m at #grok?

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