[Grok-dev] subdirectories of static do not use gc.v.component.DirectoryResource

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 17:00:31 EST 2008


grokcore.view.component implements DirectoryResource and
DirectoryResourceFactory classes, subclassing those from
zope.app.publisher.browser.directoryresource for use in the "static"
directory resource available in views.

It does this for two reasons: 1) To override the security checker on the
 DirectoryResource instances and 2) to override the resource factories
for *.pt and *.html files.

However, the resource factory for *subdirectories* of the static
directory is not overriden and thus for these subdirectories the
z.a.p.b.directoryresource.DirectoryResource implementation is used.

Fortunately, there's a recent release for zope.app.publisher that
provides hooks for properly overriding these factories and with these
hooks this bug is easily fixed.

I'd like to update the version of zope.app.publisher in grokcore.view
from the current 3.4.1 to the recently released 3.5.1 version to be able
to checkin the fix.

The tests for grokcore.view do pass with this version, but what possible
 implications should I look for? How do we decide to up the version
requirement of a dependency?


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