[Grok-dev] grok.XMLRPC hangs

Tobias Daub tobias.daub at media-accounting.net
Wed Apr 1 07:32:33 EDT 2009

Hi There,

I'm basically using Grok to display data in our intranet.

Currently I'm running two version (for testing), one with Grok 0.14 and 
the other with 1.0a.

I'm using the grok.XMLRPC server to import new data into the ZODB. From 
another python script I connect via xmlrpclib to the XMLRPC server and 
call a method that gets a list (that contains the data) as parameter.

I know that this might not be the most secure or elegant way to do this, 
but 1st, the data is public anyway, 2nd it runs in intranet only and I 
found it really easy to implement.

The problem is now that with Grok 0.14 everything works fine, but with 
Grok 1.0a the call of the XMLRPC method kind of "hangs". A funny thing I 
noticed is, when I abort the script that connects to the server, then 
the XMLRPC method call is invoked on the server....

Thanks alot!

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