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Santiago Videla santiago.videla at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 00:00:05 EDT 2009


First, I apologies by this email, because it's a little bit off topic or
not... I'm not sure :P

I would like to create a new project (megrok.jinja [1]) in svn.zope.org (I
already have the permissions) but I don't know how to create my project
without need to download the whole the repository.

I appreciate your help in order to avoid any mistakes

[1] megrok.jinja: It's not a big deal. Just another template language
factory. In this case, using the Jinja2 templates engine [2]. I think that
the only difference with other megrok.* templates is that, in Jinja2, it's
possible to define `Extensions` in order to add extra funcionality. For the
moment, I have been working in the integration between Jinja2 templates, and
the zope i18n messages factory. Actually, Jinja2 already have an i18n
Extension, but as far I know, you can't use different domains in the
templates. With megrok.jinja you can write this:

{{ _("some-msgid", domain="your-translations-domain") }}

I was thinking in another Extension that will provide something like the
"structure provider:some-viewlet-name". You will be able to use something

{{ provider("some-viewlet-name") }}

Maybe I'm wrong and this is also possible in megrok.* templates... I dunno.

Of course, any comments, advices, help, opinions..., are always welcome

[2] http://jinja.pocoo.org/

Best Regards

Santiago Videla

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