[Grok-dev] Windows install troubles (again!)

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Apr 9 05:25:38 EDT 2009

Hi Jeroen,

Jeroen Michiel wrote:
> I tried to install grok op Windows XP, I ran into the following  errors:
> * win32api was needed by grokproject (and also virtualenv)
> * during buildout the following unrecoverable error:
> D:\grok1.0a2>c:Scripts\grokproject.exe --eggs-dir=..\buildout arts
> Enter user (Name of an initial administrator user): grok
> Enter passwd (Password for the initial administrator user):
> Downloading info about versions...


> Installing eggbasket.
> While:
>   Installing eggbasket.
>   Getting distribution for 'grok==1.0a2'.
> An internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a
> recipe being used:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File


>   File "C:\Python25\lib\urllib2.py", line 1203, in file_open
>     return self.open_local_file(req)
>   File "C:\Python25\lib\urllib2.py", line 1233, in open_local_file
>     (not port and socket.gethostbyname(host) in self.get_names()):
> gaierror: (11001, 'getaddrinfo failed')
> I haven't got a single clue what the problem is here...
> I seem to remember having had this before once, but somehow got around it,
> though I don't remember at all. Can it have something to do with having a
> multihomed PC or anything like that?

gaierror? Never heard of this before. Another strange inhabitant of the
windows world?

Anyway, we need a better Windows support. Therefore I suggest to build a
CaveMens WinTaskForce (CMWTF) to improve the situation and am looking
for volunteers to join me in this effort.

Targets of this group I can think of:

1) Check trunks and releases of grokcore.* and megrok.* packages 
   regularly so that their tests run satisfactorily also under windows.

2) Build downloadable and easily installable bundles as suggested by
   Behrang Dadsetan before.

A little roadmap to get there:

1) Write a Grok-on-Windows-Install-HowTo

        To reach this targets, we might start with some documentation on
        grok.zope.org: How to install Grok on Windows. When writing
        this, we hopefully will stumble over all the little or larger
        installation pits that are still lingering around. This could
        help us to learn, what actually is going on on installs and
        tests and what is really needed to provide a suitable
        environment for Grok installs.

2) Fix sources where needed

        As another result we could also bring back unsolvable problems
        back to the sources and care for solutions there.

3) Build buildbot infrastructure

        Then we could try to setup an appropriate buildbot
        infrastructure, that could help us to automate testing also on
        strange platforms. I tried to contact snakebite.org for this but
        yet got no reply from Trent Nelson.

4) Build All-Batteries-Included packages for Windows

        In a last step we might could make the 'all-batteries-included'
        packages happen, but I don't believe that this is doable until

This is just a sketch and a proposal.

I must admit, that I am not a fan of Windows and try to avoid it where I
can, especially as I am very happy with Linux and MacOS. This also
means, that my own Windows knowledge is quite limited. But the situation
now needs some action, so I bought an XP license and can now support the
CMTWF at least from the technical basis. What we urgently need, however,
are volunteers with some more Windows-based developer experience.

Are there any?

Best regards,


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