[Grok-dev] Windows install troubles (again!)

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu Apr 9 08:13:29 EDT 2009

Hi there,

Behrang Dadsetan wrote:

>   Actually playing with grok was the main "excuse" I gave myself to
> buy a MacBook Pro. :)

My "excuse" was even more bizarre :)

>   I have now have virtual machines for Mac, XP, Vista, Ubuntu and
> Suse. I also have the entire development suite for windows (I have a
> MSDN license). Finally, I got pointers from the plone developers for
> their installer procedures. It is quite automated and once I look into
> it, I hope to replicate the same procedure for grok.

I guess that's the environment we want to have generally available, if
proprietary tools are really necessary (I read somewhere, that some
packages do not cope with gcc/mingw/cygwin; is that true?). Hopefully
snakebite.org can help us there a bit.

For now it's good to know, that someone can build binary eggs and
everything needed. Could you share the plone pointers somewhere? Maybe
you can put it on


and we could collect ideas/pointers/problems there.

>   All this to say I am readying myself to build an almost automated
> procedure for "all-batteries-included" for diverse platforms but I
> will need another few days to get there.

Please take your time. I also have to setup things here.

> For windows, I suggest we have an installer that includes:
> - The Windows installer for python (latest supported by grok)
> - The win32all installer for the matching python version
> - PEAK easy_install, buildout, virtualenv, grokproject, grok and all
> the libraries that these depend on

Yep, maybe one should also include at least some of the megrok.*
packages? As I am a complete windows newbie, I just trust your list of
needed components until I've tried myself.

Note, however, that building installers will most likely be the last
step. We might should start with finding out, where and why
installations on windows usually hang.

> I suggest the Windows grok installer creates all this in a separate
> space (something like C:\grok or user chosen path?). This would make a
> separate python installation for grok usage (ie. C:\grok\Python25).
> Advantage:
>  - Supporting these users would be easier because they would not have
> conflicting module versions
> Disadvantage:
>  - Users would have to potentially reinstall separate python modules
> twice (one for their PC one for our grok environment)
> Am I in the right direction?

Sure, many thanks for the ideas so far! I think we need any action in
this direction. 

Best regards,


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