[Grok-dev] Grok or Django?

Jeroen Michiel jmichiel at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 16:38:31 EDT 2009

First of all, I do NOT want to start a crusade or flamewar or anything, I
just have the following problem that I want your opinions on:

I have to make a rather complicated web application at work that is much
more than just a dynamic website. It is for scheduling and running automated
tests on our products and keeping track of the test results, doing
statistical analysis on them, compare them over several versions of our
products, that sort of stuff.

I started on the project and evaluated a few frameworks from which I
eventually chose Grok , with Django coming in as a close second. However,
after a few weeks of coding, I got other priorities, and couldn't work on
the project anymore, so now management wants to start seeing results (can't
blame them for that). They think getting a third party involved is the way
to go, to give things a head start, so I will only need to 'maintain' it
later on. Only, those guys work with Django, not Grok (or Zope3). So all my
work I had done might go down the drain, and on top of that, I'll have to
learn yet another framework.

Personally, I fear Django might not be up to the task (that's why I chose
Grok in the first place), because, I repeat, it's much more than just a
dynamic website. Perhaps it -can- be done with Django, but I fear that we
might be 'fighting the framework' or that there will be a lot of things that
we'll have to write from scratch, that might already be out there for Zope3. 

I never worked with Django, so I really don't know. Is my fear justified? If
so, can you guys give me some hard facts I can throw on the table, because
I'd rather like to work with Grok! On hard fact is that they'll pay those
guys 2.5 times what they'd otherwise pay me, but I might not be working
full-time on the project; they would. Time is still money, I guess...

Thanks in advance!
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