[Grok-dev] New grokproject release?

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Sat Apr 11 12:37:18 EDT 2009

Hi there,

During last discussion on this list it turned out, that we pinned
versions of grokui.admin twice: once in grokproject generated files and
once in groks recents versions.cfgs, because grokproject always added a
hardcoded list of eggs in generated versions.cfgs.

I think this is clearly a bug of grokproject, so I fixed it in the
trunk. Upcoming releases of grokproject will not pin down versions that
are already pinned down by the required grok versions.cfg any more.

As current projects will generate faulty projects (grokproject overrides
groks version setting for grokui.admin), I'd like to release this as
soon as possible. Maybe tomorrow. Michael, if you like, we could do the
release together again :)

It would be nice, however, if someone else could have a look at the
changes before.

Note for the grokproject geeks:

  grokproject now still maintains a list of eggs to include 
  additionally (see files ``ext_eggs_paster.cfg``/``ext_eggs_zctl.cfg`` 
  in the sources). But now each egg listed therein is only added to the 
  generated versions.cfg, if not already pinned down by the downloaded 
  grok versions.cfg. This keeps us compatible with older grok releases, 
  while not doing nasty things when grok starts to list eggs in the 
  "KGS", which were included by grokproject only before.

  This should at least enable people to run grokproject again without 
  producing faulty versions.cfg and we have more time to think about
  a general solution for the "KGS" problem :)

Best regards,


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