[Grok-dev] How you can help improving Windows support

Roger Erens roger.erens at e-s-c.biz
Sun Apr 12 16:19:10 EDT 2009

on 10-4-2009 15:05 Uli Fouquet wrote:
> Hi there,
> I start a new thread to keep everybody up to date.


> * Roger Erens already put a Win install HowTo on
>    http://wiki.zope.org/grok/WindowsInstallation

Uhm, the first incantation was written by Shane Graber some 2+ years 
ago. I just happened to be the last visitor to write a comment. Shane 
deserves the glory, not me.

>   Thanks a lot, Roger! This should make its way to grok.zope.org. Is 
>   someone willing to port the text over? Maybe Roger yourself?

Done, but I followed quite a different approach: not starting with a 
bare Zope installation followed by downloading a Grok-tarbal, but much 
more resembling the current installation instructions for GNU/Linux 
(install python and win32all, easy_install grokproject, etc.).

> * Rogers install howto might also serve as a nice basis for us to start:
>   If one follows this howto on a clean system, what errors/problems 
>   occur? Everyone who is able to do so, might add experiences on
>      http://wiki.zope.org/grok/WindowsSupportPlans
>   where I added an extra section for that and/or file bug reports as 
>   mentioned above. Of course you can also use the mailing list.

Since I only have OEM-licensed Windows, I cannot start with a clean 
(virtualized) environment each time a grok/grokproject release is made. 
Therefore there may be some legacy settings stemming from actions that I 
forgot to mention.

I hope the installation howto will get many eyeballs so that all 
remaining problems will become shallow. Head over to:




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