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Santiago Videla santiago.videla at gmail.com
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Philipp, is the real architect of megrok.menu, but I worked on it, to make
it compatible with latest grok versions (>0.14) That was the 0.2 release.
Just a few import fixes and the SubMenuItem class

> I'm using megrok.menu in a project (still the very same one) and the
> directive looks a bit strange to me.

What do you mean? strange like "I don't like", or strange like "I don't

> Actually, I don't get why the grokker doesn't use the grok.order
> directive. It would feel better to use that actually.

You mean that you don't like to do:

menu.menuitem("Tabs", order=1)

and you would like to do:


I dunno if there is any particular reason, I didn't change that at all. But
I will take a look when I get some free time

> Anyone using megrok.menu could give me his/her opinion, see if it
> worths the bother to even think about it ?

I am.

I'm a very newbie contributor, but I think that if we add the `order`
directive, we should also add a directive to each parameter (`icon`,
`extra`, ...) in order to keep "1 way to do it".

don't you think?

Best Regards

> - Souheil 'trollfot'
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