[Grok-dev] Grok 1.0 final?

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Wed Apr 15 06:21:08 EDT 2009

Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> > -0 see below.
> > -1
> > +1
> Let's have that discussion on the Plone list at a later time when a 
> proper proposal has been developed. I was merely giving some context on 
> a possible scenario, for the purpose of seeing if/how it aligns with 
> Grok's plans, not proposing something concrete for Plone at this stage.

The shadowing applies just as much to grok as it might do to Plone at
some point.

> > The current naming in grok has always been a big turnoff for me, and I
> > was sad to see it appear in plone dexterity as well. With namespaces and
> > eggs we already have too many directories, and this adds even more.
> How would you like it to work?

templates/<context id>_<view id>.html

where context id probably defaults to the __name__ of the view context,
and view id to the name of the view. I prefer to use html as extension
for attribute based template languages (genshi, tal, kid, etc.) so tools
such as html editors and browsers know how to handle the file.


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