[Grok-dev] Migration to 1.0a3 -- and beyond

Tim Cook timothywayne.cook at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 03:53:18 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-04-16 at 09:28 +0200, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> Thibaud Morel l'Horset wrote:
> > Is there something I can do to get past this issue to install grok right
> > now? I'm trying to install on Ubuntu 8.10 with python 2.5.2 and am
> > getting the apidoc.codemodule.module import error also...
> I solved it by adding in your buildout.cfg, just after the first section:
> [versions]
> grokui.admin = 0.3.2
> This will get you the latest grokui.admin that solved the apidoc
> dependency for me.

These different solutions to one problem (I guess maybe it isn't one
problem, just one traceback?) is kind of interesting.

But anyway, to answer Thibaud's question:

I am also using Ubuntu 8.1 and Python 2.5.2

After Uli pointed out the notes on Pypi about grok.startup; I noted that
just above the lines he said to edit in setup.py there were other hard
coded <myapp>.startup.py calls.  I changed those to grok.startup as
well.  That caused bin/buildout to stop being generated with the call
for <myapp>.startup.py to be imported.  

Remember that I had also previously commented out the second
versions.cfg entry for grokui.admin

It may help you look at my new installation procedure for OSHIP:

and the buildout.cfg and versions.cfg files and apply those approaches
to your own project.

See the code at: 

of course you probably do not need pyparsing and mglob.

I'm afraid that I do not know enough about Grok at this point to even
write up more than this on a migration strategy.  Maybe someone more
knowledgeable can take these notes and turn them into something
meaningful. :-)


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