[Grok-dev] Grokproject - Best Practices??

Tim Cook timothywayne.cook at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 06:01:46 EDT 2009

Before I spend a lot of time experimenting with options I would like to
get some feedback from the experts here.

My project was originally based on grokproject 0.14  now upgraded to

My current installation instructions include the user to install
grokproject, get my source code, then execute grokproject.  This is so
that the bin, develop-eggs, etc, and parts directories are created.


But my thoughts are that if the users install zc.buildout and I include
the empty (with the exception of etc and its templates) directories then
the user should be able to execute 'python bootstrap.py' and everything
that is needed will be created.  This would eliminate having to answer
no to all the questions about grokproject overwriting certain files.

Does this approach make sense or am I missing something?  Say something
like how does the admin username and password get generated if not by


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