[Grok-dev] Question regarding hurry.workflow

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri Apr 17 05:31:42 EDT 2009

16 apr 2009 kl. 18.10 skrev Jan-Wijbrand Kolman:

> Sebastian Ware wrote:
>> I apologize if this question is a bit on the fringe. I would like to
>> have multiple workflows in hurry.workflow. One could do this by  
>> adding
>> states that aren't "connected" but I would rather do it by  
>> registering
>> the workflow as a named global utility rather than the unnamed global
>> utility that is used now. Is this a bad idea? Have I misunderstood
>> something?
> This certainly is a relevant observation/question.
> There's a package "out there" called something like "ore.workflow"  
> that
> is essentially a fork of hurry.workflow having implemented exactly  
> your
> idea: being able to register multiple workflows.
> We try to get these efforts combined.
> I'm willing to help on this; we use hurry.workflow for a project at
> work, currently with "only" one workflow per application, but this  
> could
> certainly need to change at some point in the near future...
> In other words - let's see if we can get the modificiations of
> ore.workflow (if I indeed remember the name correctly) "ported" to
> hurry.workflow.

I have taken a quick look at ore.workflow. Their adaption based  
solution strikes me as slightly more complex and difficult to  
understand than using named utilities.

"Chief among these is the ability to have more than one workflow per  
site, via adaptation based workflows, instead of the original utilitly  

And I believe the following could easily be supported with only minor  
modification of hurry.workflow:

"Additionally it supports parallel workflows on a single context."

I'd be happy to explore a named global utility solution to see if it  

Mvh Sebastian

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