[Grok-dev] grokproject 1.0a4 released

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Fri Apr 17 13:07:01 EDT 2009


Behrang Dadsetan wrote:
> I am not that familar with the z3c.widget package. But even if there
> is direct usage there is certainly _also_ a kind of convenience. You
> get access a boat full of javascript libraries (dojo and co.). So even
> after an analyses, you will probably only find a part of the use-case.

Yeah, but I think we can take care of these use cases with more modern, 
better maintained and more clearly licensed libraries than z3c.javascript.

> As a "newbie" I wonder, how would you depend on a javascript package
> without including it? You would certainly want some grok packages to
> depend on javascript libraries and contribute them to the Zope SVN.
> But how to describe that dependency without manual README.txt?

I'm not sure what you mean here. But I'll try to answer anyway.

The way I'd do it these days is follow the pattern of hurry.yui (I 
created that, so I'm biased. Based on hurry.resource).

For instance, you want to use the YUI 'datatable' library (and all that 
it depends on) in your Grok project, you'd do the following:

* depend on hurry.zoperesource and hurry.resource

* depend on hurry.yui and hurry.zopeyui (I want the latter to go away as 
it's not pulling its weight as a package, move the configure.zcml into 
hurry.yui, even though hurry.yui is zope-independent it won't hurt)

* then in your code (say, a widget or a template) say something like:

   from hurry.yui import datatable

   ...in widget or update() method of template or whatever is a 
side-effect of rendering...



> [snip]
>> An interesting question is how this made it into svn.zope.org in the
>> first place; it's not supposed to contain stuff licensed other than ZPL
>> unless special dispensation is made. I wonder whether that happened!
> [snip]
> So there is no misunderstanding. The project z3c.javascript does
> contain a file called LICENSES.TXT which includes the sub-licenses and
> the z3c.widget contains a LICENSES.txt to include the TinyMCE.

Yes, that was understood, but thanks for making sure.

> My concern is whether we find it ok to use megrok.form which looks
> like it is ZPL but depends on plenty of other projects that include
> non-ZPL stuff. If I am to write installers, I wonder how I am going to
> figure out the list of licenses people buy into when using grok and
> basic packages like megrok.form, megrok.*, ...

Yes, agreed exactly. I think we should make it much simpler. hurry.yui 
for instance only pulls in the YUI license, which is fairly obvious 
(though hurry.yui as it is in svn.zope.org doesn't *include* YUI 
directly; it's only included upon release. so hurry.yui is actually ZPL. 
a bit confusing, but hopefully not too much).



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