[Grok-dev] debug.ini breaks the admin ui

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Sat Apr 18 07:57:53 EDT 2009

Uli Fouquet wrote:
> I think we simply cannot fix this quickly. A fix that made grokui.admin
> redirect automatically to the login page was refused by Martijn. 

I didn't like it as it was a workaround for the underlying problem.

> * just skip debug.ini.
> If we skip it, nothing can stop users from using a self-created
> debug.ini and the same problems will appear. There will only be less
> documentation about it, which might be an even worse user-experience. We
> will only hide away the problem. Therefore I intentionally kept
> debug.ini in last `grokproject` release.

Does the deploy.ini display exceptions on standard out at least? Or is 
that also not possible? I had issues in a non-grok context where I 
didn't see anything unless I used debug.ini, and that then didn't handle 
unauthorized correctly, so I just had an imperfect experience no matter 
what I did.

I think that's a reasonable approach, keeping the debug.ini but 
documenting that it is ..um.. broken pending fixes, and in what way 
exactly. Perhaps that'll prompt fixes.



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