[Grok-dev] the megrok.form plan

Santiago Videla santiago.videla at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 03:30:02 EDT 2009


I would like to help on this. I never used none of:

- TinyMCE
- hurry.*
- megrok.form

So, I need to find some time to learn how to use those tools, is there any
time limit to fix all this? I think that 2 weeks from now, I will be able to
show some progress. If you are looking for something faster, I think that
I'm not the best to do it

Best Regards

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 12:47 PM, Martijn Faassen <faassen at startifact.com>wrote:

> Hi there,
> The problem:
> megrok.form depends on z3c.widget, which only exists in older releases
> on pypi. Newer releases exist in the evilll download.zope.org/distribution
> .
> Worse yet, z3c.javascript is a dependency of z3c.widget, and
> z3c.javascript only got released in the aforementioned place of evilll,
> not on pypi.
> One way to resolve this mess is to release newer versions, but we don't
> have the pypi access for z3c.widget. And Behrang Dadsetan wisely pointed
> out that z3c.javascript contains an absolute pile of random javascript
> libraries of various license provencance: not a nice thing to depend on.
> Some analysis of megrok.form was in order. The conclusions:
> z3c.widget only seems to be used in megrok.form in a very minimal way.
> It hooks up the HTML field (defined by megrok.form.interfaces) to
> z3c.widget.tiny.widget.TinyWidget, a rich text editing widget.
> Undoubtedly given the name this uses tinymce, which in turn is in
> z3c.javascript.
> Now as to the Plan, which only needs some brave hacker to execute it:
> * drop the dependency on z3c.widget in megrok.form
> * Copy the code from z3c.widget.tiny into megrok.form. Only the code we
> actually use, and perhaps some tests.
> * rearrange the ZCML so it will use that.
> We're still stuck with the dependency on TinyMCE. One way to deal with
> this is to use hurry.tinymce instead.
> Before this is done we'd probably need to merge the rather superfluous
> hurry.zopetinymce (only a configure.zcml) into it for easier management,
> but you could make it work by depending on hurry.zopetinymce instead today.
> Then you can do hurry.tinymce.tinymce.need() in the widget and get
> tinymce that way instead.
> megrok.form will gain a dependency on hurry.resource and
> hurry.zoperesource, but that is hardly a disaster, especially since
> z3c.widget and z3c.javascript (which is a minor licensing disaster) will
> go away.
> Any takers?
> Regards,
> Martijn
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