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Tim Cook timothywayne.cook at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 12:21:31 EST 2009

The document at

used to be correct and was very helpful.

Now with Grok 1.0a2  we have many issues with deploying an application
via SVN.  There seems to be hard coded paths in many places and I can't
find a tool or switch on a tool that will fix them.

virtualenv myenv
cd myenv
source bin/activate
grokproject myproj

But .........
Everything in myproj/etc has hard coded paths.  It isn't reproduced by
anything other than grokproject.  

So I have discovered that you should not put myproj/etc/ in version
control along with myproj/parts/, myproj/bin/
myproj/develop-eggs/ and myproj/src/myproj.egg-info/

You must keep myproj/versions.cfg, myproj/buildout.cfg and

Create your project and commit it to version control.

Now your users/co-developers can do a checkout.
go to the myenv directory and activate their environment

execute: grokproject myproj

They will be prompted for an admin user and password.  Then they will be
prompted to see if they want to overwrite app.ppy  The answer should be
'n' - for no.  

Now cd myproj and execute buildout

I hope this works for you.  It seems to be working ok for me.


PS. I have also added this as a comment on the above referenced Grok

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